Best Dog Food for Bulldogs

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best food for Bulldogs is, then we recommend Royal Canin Breed Bulldog Adult dry dog food as the best one.

It is not always easy to find the best dog food for bulldogs. This is because they are prone to a number of health issues that make them somewhat delicate.

For example, bulldogs are susceptible to being obese. As such, you need to be very keen on the type of diet you feed them.

In addition, these charming dogs find it hard to shed weight once they’ve put on some pounds. This means that you need to feed them right from the onset when they are young.

This article will guide you on how to find foods that are great for your bulldog pet.

Here’s a quick overview of the recommended formulas we’ll review in this article:

What are the Nutritional Needs of a Bulldog?


The first thing you need to understand is the relationship between nutrition and your dog’s immune system.

You see, it is quite common for bulldogs to suffer from allergies and low immune system. This means that when you feed him poor quality foods, his immunity will be further weakened.

This is a dangerous scenario and is responsible for many serious health issues amongst the bulldog population.

Expert opinion has it that feeding your bulldog the same type of protein regularly is counter-productive. It can lead to your dog developing allergic reactions.

It is important that you try switching brands and proteins quite regularly. However, ensure that all the brands you deal with are of impeccable quality.

It would also help to understand what might trigger your bulldog to develop protein allergies. The truth is that all dogs are unique. Thus, what works for one dog may not work for yours.

Once you have identified all the reputable brands, you can freely switch between them without occasioning your dog any harm.

Choose brands that have prebiotics and probiotics as part of their ingredients. These two elements are very good in enhancing the immunity and digestion of dogs.

However, be wary of TV adverts and other marketing gimmicks from unscrupulous companies. A good number of companies claim to carry these ingredients.

These claims could be true, but, have you verified their other ingredients? How much nutritive content do they have in their products?

It could all be a load of garbage in the name of ingredients!

Some well-meaning manufacturers are confident enough to provide a guarantee of their ingredients. You’ll get this guarantee under the ‘Guaranteed Analysis’ at the back of the pack. It shows exactly how much of each ingredient they have put into their formula.

You need to be aware that some dog foods are not made with human-grade ingredients. In fact, a good number use euthanized animals and road kill.

Others use plant products that do not add nutritive value to the dog food. They only bulk out the diet.

When it comes to dog food labels, they can be a good source of information. But, do not trust every claim that manufacturers place there.

Be a bit skeptic regarding anything you read. When it comes to the health of your bulldog, it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

The problem when it comes to pet food labels is that we don’t have enough regulations. However, the wind is blowing in the direction of strengthening the existing laws.

Until then, learn to be inquisitive. You can consult your vet or nutritionist. Alternatively, call the manufacturers and ask about what is NOT included on the food label.

The nutritive value of dog food for bulldogs is also affected by how the company cooks the ingredients. The cooking time and temperature used do matter.

When the manufacturer cooks the ingredients for too long at high temperatures, most of the nutrients are destroyed. Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are quite sensitive to heat.

Ingredients to Look for in Best Dog Food for Bulldogs

Just like most other domesticated dogs, bulldogs are omnivorous. This means that they are comfortable eating a mixture of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

What you choose to feed your bulldog will largely depend on its age, living conditions, health status (including pregnancy), allergies, and any other relevant circumstances.

The food you choose for your bulldog puppy should give him the energy he needs to grow. However, take into account the fact that your puppy’s digestive tract is still developing.

Bulldog puppy food must have the right levels of calcium. This is important for their balanced growth and proper bone development.

You can change your pup’s diet to an adult one when he reaches the age of 18 months.

As with most dogs, the most important ingredients in bulldog food are protein and fat. However, ensure that you get a diet that uses only high-quality fats and proteins.

Not all proteins and fats are the same. They differ in quality and nutrition benefits.

Take the case of proteins. Both high-grade steak and shoe leather contain some protein. But, is the quality of protein in both the same?

Definitely not!

Steak offers high-quality nutrition, while the shoe leather hardly has any.

We recommend you choose a dog food that has about 2 proteins in the first 7 ingredients. They can be either meat meals or whole meats.

Examples of whole meats include beef, chicken, fish, and lamb.

Since animals contain about 70% water, whole meats contain a lot of moisture. When the water is removed, the whole meat tends to weigh less than meat meals.

Although some people don’t favor meat meals, they contain more protein than whole meats. As such, they are a very good source of protein for your dog food.

Also, ensure that the source of fat listed in the dog food is of high quality. This is because some vitamins work only in good quality fats.

Go with the foods with trusted sources of fat such as chicken and fish oil.


#1 – Royal Canin Breed Bulldog Adult dry dog food

This food has lots of fiber that helps your dog deal with digestive issues. Bulldogs have sensitive digestive systems. As such, this ingredient is important.

The manufacturers have used high-quality natural ingredients. This will be of benefit to your dog.

Also, the product has both chondroitin and glucosamine. These ingredients are important in helping your bulldog develop strong joints and hip.

With sufficient levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, this diet is good for strengthening your dog’s skin and coat.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound
302 Reviews
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound
  • Balanced Fibers Help Reduce Flatulence And Digestive Upsets
  • Strengthener For Skin'S Protective Barrier
  • Help Protect The Joints And Limit Inflammation

The Pros:

  • Good for dogs with a sensitive digestive system
  • The ingredients are 100% natural
  • It’s good for your dog’s skins and bone development
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics to help your bulldog develop a strong immunity

The Cons:

  • Some dogs become a little gassy after using the diet

#2 – The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dog Fooddult dry dog food

This food has been minimally processed. Also, it uses high-quality ingredients. This could only mean good news for your dog’s health.

The product is grain-free. As such, it is beneficial to dogs that show signs of allergy and stomach upset.

The choice of ingredients ensures that it doesn’t introduce unwanted calories in your dog’s menu. Its main source of protein is free-range chicken. This is a source of high-quality protein.

The meat used is 100% human grade. Thus, you can trust it with your dog’s health.

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Chicken Dog Food  10 lb Box ??? Force
1,548 Reviews
Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Chicken Dog Food 10 lb Box ??? Force
  • GRAIN FREE: This healthy dog food is made with free-range chicken and dehydrated for easier digestibility and to lock in nutrients.
  • MODERATE PROTEIN: Balanced levels of calories and carbs make it the perfect maintance diet for adult dogs of all breeds & sizes, especially picky eaters.
  • HUMAN GRADE: The Honest Kitchen meets the rigorous FDA safety standards to use the label 'human grade', ensuring the highest quality dog food.

The Pros:

  • Uses 100% ingredients
  • 100% grain-free
  • Good quality, human-grade meat
  • Has few additives

The Cons:

  • Has a short shelf life
  • May cause some dogs to develop loose stool

#3 – Wellness Core Natural Dog Food

This product is made of 100% natural ingredients. For this reason, many dog owners have come to trust it.

It doesn’t use any grain in its ingredients. This is important for dogs like the bulldog, which are prone to stomach irritations.

Its main sources of proteins are chicken and turkey. These are good sources of high-quality protein. It will be of benefit to your dog.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Original Turkey & Chicken, 26-Pound Bag
1,101 Reviews
Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Original Turkey & Chicken, 26-Pound Bag
  • Grain Free: 100% Grain Free, Complete And Balanced Everyday Nutrition For Your Dog
  • Protein Focused Nutrition: Naturally Grain Free, Rich With Delicious Premium Proteins Including Turkey And Chicken Combined With Real Vegetables And Essential Vitamins And Minerals
  • All Natural: Contains Only Premium, All Natural Ingredients With No Wheat, Corn, Soy, Meat By-Products, Or Artificial Colors, Flavors And Preservatives

The Pros:

  • Uses 100% natural ingredients
  • 100% grain free
  • It focuses on quality proteins
  • Has moderate fat content

The Cons:

  • May cause tummy upsets in some dogs

#4 – Taste of the Wild Canine Formula

This food uses a grain-free formula that is suitable for your bulldog. Also, it has high-quality ingredients that your dog won’t find issues digesting. These include peas, sweet potatoes, fruits, and vegetables.

Its main source of protein is real roasted meat. As such, it can provide close to 400kcal per cup. This is good for active bulldogs.

Among its other notable ingredients are biotin, sodium selenite, and beef.

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Adult - Venison & Bison 30Lb
5,904 Reviews
Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Adult - Venison & Bison 30Lb
  • A taste of the wild with ROASTED BISON; REAL MEAT is the #1 ingredient; optimal amino acid profile, protein rich for LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES
  • High protein ingredients with added vitamins & minerals; fruits and vegetables as SUPERFOODS for hard-working ANTIOXIDANTS; fatty acid blend for SKIN & COAT
  • Ingredients From Trusted, Sustainable Sources Around The World; Made With No Grain, Corn, Wheat, Filler; No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives Added

The Pros:

  • 100% grain-free diet
  • It’s easy to digest
  • Has 100% natural ingredients

The Cons:

  • Easily gets moldy
  • Causes some dogs to develop stomach upsets

#5 – Canidae Life Stages Dry Dog Food

This diet is suitable for all life stages of your bulldog. Its ingredients are premium with good levels of protein.

Also, the manufacturers have managed to balance protein from multiple sources with this diet. For example, it has meats form chicken, turkey, fish, and lamb. All these are highly nutritious, and they’ll benefit your dog immensely.

The food doesn’t contain any soy, corn, or wheat. This means that it is suitable for dogs that have issues of allergy.

Canidae All Life Stages Dog Dry Food Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meals Formula
1,822 Reviews
Canidae All Life Stages Dog Dry Food Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meals Formula
  • Optimum Protein From Chicken, Turkey, Lamb &Amp; Fish Meals For A Nutritionally Dense Formula
  • Premium Ingredients: No Corn, Wheat, Or Soy
  • Vet Formulated For All Ages, Breeds &Amp; Sizes

The Pros:

  • It’s rich in high-quality meats
  • It doesn’t have filler content
  • It uses 100% natural ingredients

The Cons:

  • May cause tummy upsets in some dogs
  • Can make dogs develop gas

Why Feed Your Bulldog Good Quality Diet?

When you feed your bulldog with superior quality diets consistently, you’ll realize the following benefits:

  • Increased energy and liveliness
  • Less stool/healthier waste
  • Fewer allergies and digestive issues
  • Your dog will smell nice
  • Fewer maintenance costs
  • Less tear staining
  • Less grooming/bathing required
  • No yeast issues

Bulldog Health Problems and How the Right Diet Can Help

• Hip Dysplasia

Bulldog owners know too well that their lovely dogs are susceptible to joint and hip challenges. The bulldog was designed to be a squatting animal, sticking close to the ground.

Your dog has a bone structure that exerts much weight on their knees and hips. The problem is exacerbated further by the bulldog’s propensity to put on weight.

You can use a variety of foods to help alleviate this problem. Look for brands that have chondroitin and glucosamine in their ingredients. These ingredients help your dog to develop strong bones, joints, and hips.

A good option of such a diet is one with natural glucosamine, such as Elk antler. Of course, this is hard to get hold of, but it will provide great relief for your dog.

If you can’t get hold of Elk antler for whatever reason, just go with any source of glucosamine. It should help alleviate the problem of Hip Dysplasia.

• Vision Impairment

Bulldogs do suffer from weak eyesight. This is worse when the problem manifests in a bulldog puppy.

You see, when it develops this early, there’s little you can do to sort the problem. Most end up being blind or with severe impairment issue.

The best way to help is to introduce beta-carotene in your dog’s food from an early age. You can get beta-carotene for carrots, which have them in abundance. As an alternative, try introducing orange-colored vegetables in your pup’s meals.

Most dog foods do not have carrots in their ingredients. So you may have to hunt around a bit.

• Tummy Issues

Bulldogs are fond of farting. Most of them are gassy, even when they have not eaten any offending foods.

However, you need to manage the problem of gas, lest it leads to complications that are more serious. One such complication is bloat. When you don’t deal with bloat in good time, it can be fatal.

The best way of dealing with tummy upsets is to space out your dog’s meals. Do not allow him to eat one large meal. Rather, plan for 3 or 4 smaller meals in the course of the day.

And, of course, you have to be very vigilant in enforcing this. Bulldogs can eat endlessly if you don’t monitor them!

Conclusion and Recommended Dog Food for Bulldogs

If you own a bulldog, we are sure you love it. Experience shows that this breed is quite loveable.

These dogs have their own unique looks. But, they also have unique nutritional needs. To get the best out of your bulldog, ensure that you give it a proper, balanced diet on a regular basis.

A suitable food compatible with such a diet is the Royal Canin Breed Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food. We feel that this food is one of the most trusted when it comes to bulldogs. It is made from high-quality ingredients that will meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound
302 Reviews
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound
  • Balanced Fibers Help Reduce Flatulence And Digestive Upsets
  • Strengthener For Skin'S Protective Barrier
  • Help Protect The Joints And Limit Inflammation

What’s more, the manufacturers have been around for many years, producing food for a variety of breeds of dogs.

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