How to Choose the Best Dog Toys

Interested in how to choose the best dog toys? Then this guide is for you!

Each breed of dog is unique in its own way. However, they all crave kindness.

For example, the gentle Golden retrievers love it when you give it attention. If you show them the slightest bit of consideration, they become very friendly and tender towards you.

Just like the Golden Retrievers, Beagles treasure attention. If they fail to get this from you, don’t be surprised if they wreak havoc trying to create their own fun around the house.

On the other hand, German Shepherds are very fierce, yet protective towards their owners. All the same, they crave playtime, just like the more docile dogs.

Even the most passive of dogs such as the Shih Tzu and the Maltese love it when you engage them in games.

So, regardless of their uniqueness, all dogs like it when you invest in good toys for their enjoyment.

This article will guide you on some of the best toys for your dog.

Here’s what we’ve covered for you.

Benefits of Providing the Best Dog Toys

Good for Exercise

Investing in a good toy for your dog allows him to have fun as he grows. But, it is far much more than just about having fun.

A good toy encourages your dog to be active, to move and run around. It is one of the best ways of exercising your dog.

Intellectual stimulation

Good toys provide your dog with mental stimulation during a training session. Some toys require your dog to solve certain tasks and puzzles.

All dogs, including the slow learning Afghan Hound, require some form of mental activity on a daily basis.

Helps in Bonding

Investing in good-quality toys gives you the opportunity to engage in common games with your pet. Your pet will love this.

It will be a great opportunity for both of you to create a quality relationship.

Good for Stress Bursting

Just like humans, dogs are prone to stress and anxiety. Your dog could suffer from stress for a number of reasons.

For example, he may not be happy with the food you are feeding him. Also, stress may come up as a result of a change in his environment.

Toys provide a good avenue for you to encourage calming behavior in your canine friend.

Dental Benefits

Some toys are designed to clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums.

What Do You Consider in Buying a Dog’s Toy?

Age Appropriate

As people grow older, their likes and preferences change with time. This applies to dogs too.

There are toys that are suitable for puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

An active puppy requires a hard chew to help it cope with his teething issues.

Adult dogs prefer something softer, something that he can play with without necessarily using his teeth.

On the other hand, senior dogs are content to just sit in one place as they play with their toys.

Think Durability

Being the animals that they are, dogs see toys as prey that they need to capture. They’ll want to sit on the toy, bite it, and even try to tear it apart.

That’s their version of having fun!

With this in mind, we’d advise that you invest in a toy that your dog will not destroy in a matter of days. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep digging into your pockets to replace it every time.

But, replace the toy as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear. Worn-out toys might have jagged edges that could injure your dog.

Toys that Don’t Resemble Household Objects

Do you want your household items safe from your dog? Then, don’t make the mistake of buying a toy that looks like the common household items.

If the toy looks like your kid’s toy, shoes, or the cushions in the house, the dog is likely to mistake them for his toys.

Match the Toy Size to the Dog

The dog toy should help your furry friend have fun and exercise at the same time. The toy is not meant as a punishment, or to tire him.

This means that you should match the toy to the dog’s size. If the toy is too big, your dog won’t be able to handle it well.

However, ensure that the toy is not too small. Otherwise, your dog could choke on it.

As you decide the size of the toy to buy, take the unique needs of your dog into consideration. Some small dogs are quite comfortable handling big toys.

Variety is Entertaining

If you confine your dog to only one type of toy, he’ll soon find it boring. The market today has a wide selection of simple and sophisticated pet toys.

You can give your dog two or three varieties of interesting toys to play with. After some time, replace them with other varieties of toys.

Types and Choices of Dog Toys

Balls Toys for Dogs

A good number of dogs make do with balls for toys. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of balls to choose from.

There are glow-in-the-dark balls, floating balls, squeaky balls, rubber balls, foam balls, tennis balls, and plush balls.

Whatever you settle for as your dog’s toy, add a number of balls to the collection. In all likelihood, your dog will take to the ball toy better than the other toys.

Disc Dog Toys

Just like balls, disc toys are particularly useful for fetch games. You may invest in the ordinary Frisbee or buy a smaller one if your dog is small.

Rope Dog Toys

As a toy, the rope can serve two functions. You can play a friendly tug game with your dog using the rope.

Also, the dog can chew on it as a chew toy.

If you decide on the tug game, don’t make it too aggressive. Animal behaviorists are of the opinion that aggressive games encourage aggression in dogs.

Soft Plush Dog Toys

They are best suited for pups and toy dogs. This is because these dogs enjoy sleeping a lot, and they use soft plush toys as comforters.

Ensure that you pick a soft plush toy that has a strong covering. Dogs enjoy tearing things apart, and a weak soft plush toy will not last this kind of treatment.

Also, cheap soft plush toys portend some hazard to your dog. Your dog may swallow the filling material as the toy comes undone.

Hard Plastic Chew Dog Toys

These toys are usually made of nylon and are very important if you have a puppy at home.

You see, puppies like chewing on hard materials as a way of massaging their growing teeth and gums. Without a safe option, they can go chewing on dangerous material.

You can buy a nylon toy that has flavors of peanut butter, chicken, bacon, or beef. Other flavors are also available.

Interactive Dog Toys

These toys encourage your interaction with your pet as it plays. As such, they are better at enhancing the strength of your relationship.

Interactive toys are more stimulating for the dog. This is probably because your dog appreciates your involvement in what he’s doing.

There are many varieties of interactive toys.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

This toy operates on the premise of putting treats in a ball with an internal maze. The dog will try all it can to get the treats from this maze.

As the dog rolls the toy around and tries to poke it, the dog’s senses are stimulated. There’s much fun and a lot of exercises involved when using this toy.

Puzzle Ball Toys

The toy is squishy and easy to grab. The dog tries to grab it to access the treats within the toy. For the old and senior dogs that don’t like using their teeth to grab toys, the puzzle ball toy is quite appropriate.

Food Maze Toys

This toy is designed to make the dog bite various parts of a food maze until they get to the food. Dogs enjoy this challenge, and it’s a great way to stimulate their minds.

Final word…

Your well-kept dog helps in alleviating your levels of depression and stress. If you treat your dog well, it will contribute to your overall happiness and wellbeing.

Apart from feeding your dog good-quality food, make sure you get them good-quality toys. These will make him healthy and content.

Your dog will bond well with you, and you’ll both lead happy lives together.

We hope this article has given you some insights on the best toys for your canine companion.

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